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March 2007


Buchnarr, 1494. Ware! Ware! Ware the Book-Fool!

30 March 2007

Cover Story

I am pleased to report that my review of The Darkening Garden. A Short Lexicon of Horror  by John Clute is the cover story of the March issue of NYRSF , with the witty portrait of Clute by Jason van Hollander (see under FUSTIAN ).

Send for a copy of the issue ; send for a copy of the book.

Another post this evening.


Public Transport Reading Project 07

30 March 07 : Hoboken PATH train, four women readers : late forties, Chesterfield coat of black and white houndstooth check and red grid, Shopaholic & Baby  by Sophie Kinsella, hardcover ; and three others, paperback (Me : The Library Window  by Margaret Oliphant ).
Uptown F train, four women readers : young woman, The Secret Garden , paperback ; and three others, paperback ; one man, twentyish, paperback.
Downtown N train, crowded, five men : The Selfish Gene  (Japanese edition), paperback ; technical manual, thick paperback ; The Storm of . . .  by George R. R. Martin(partial sighting), paperback ; and two others ; three women : The Inheritance of Loss , paperback, and two others.
NJ Transit : distinguished older man, Six Frigates. The Epic History of the Founding of the U.S. Navy  by Ian W. Toll, hardcover. [HW]


29 March 2007


Mundane Journeys. Field Guide to Color  by Kate Pocrass

I received another great book in the mail, Mundane Journeys. Field Guide to Color , the latest production from Kate Pocrass and Mundane Journeys.