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Picture archive of bookshelves from all the various posts

Buchnarr, 1494. Ware! Ware! Ware the Book-Fool!


29 September 09

A Writer’s Bookshelves
Eileen Gunn sent pictures of bookshelves from Seattle (as promised), five of which are included here :


4 September 09

Neil Gaiman’s Bookshelves

“ And, for the curious, this is what some of the downstairs library, and Hermione the Library Cat looks like. (I wish the upstairs library with all the good reference stuff was in it too.) ” :


17 July 09

Room 26 : A Real Place

“ a few of the bookshelves in Room 26 (an actual place — the office from which we post the blog) ” — Timothy Young


28 February 09
Pictures from the end of the world

Article in the Daily Mail for Saturday 28 February about a Bristol warehouse abandoned by its occupants (online booksellers) when they lost their lease (courtesy of Bruce Sterling).


21 June 08

Bookshelves on an upper floor in the house on the hill :


14 June 08

A bookcase in Camden Town :


14 June 08

A bookcase in an undisclosed location :


6 March 08

Books at work (part of an ongoing series) :

From [JC] :  There two bookshelves, quite tall, in a corner ; I send the right side first, which has a lot of the research for [my] books going back to the beginning plus some newer things — you might be able to read the titles.

Here's the right-hand side, consisting mostly of odd multiple sets (Osbert Sitwell's memoirs, Victoria's letters, a Mathers and Mardrus Arabian Nights), some books important to me as a child, and a shelf of lit-crit (mostly Bloom.) [JC]


30 January 08

Books at work (part of an ongoing series) :

Shelves of paperbacks, with winter orange tree, from [DN].


Unusual bookshelves

"Yes, these are just planks of painted plywood nailed to the supports for the loft above. . . . It helps that the ceiling is lower than a normal one, so you can actually reach the books. " Link

21 December 07

Books at work (part of an ongoing series) :

Above my desk : bibliographies, reference, miscellaneous, and oddball.


20 December 07

Books at work (part of an ongoing series) :

   —  from Jacob Macmurray, "an intern in the design department at the Payseur & Schmidt Seattle Office. . . . Mostly my design books, sf reference, pulps, and misc."


22 August 07

Composite view of bookshelves in Allen Ginsbergs loft

Composite view of the bookshelves in Allen Ginsberg's loft, ca. 1997.
Courtesy of Bob Rosenthal and the Allen Ginsberg Trust.
Click here for link to large composite view of the loft.


17 July 07

The Naked Bookshelf

The Naked Bookshelf
[courtesy of JR]


2 May 07

Yesterday was publication day for Endless Things  by John Crowley. This is a book I have been awaiting for years. Great cover image by Rosamond Purcell :

Endless Things dust jacket by Rosamond Purcell

A friend sent pictures of her bookshelves (thanks, JR) :


7 April 07

The Secret Reference Library
In a small house, all spaces have multiple functions (use the mouse to see).

Secret Reference Library

Detail :


4 April 07

Shelf of Science Fiction Paperbacks

Shelf of Paperbacks

Courtesy of Austin science fiction writer Chris Nakashima-Brown.


26 March 07

The Reason for the Visit

Anonymous Bookshelf

This anonymous bookshelf will serve as visual record of a recent trip.

Bonus picture from a hotel library :  left behind.

Hotel Bookshelf : Left Behind

18 March 07

Livres de Chevet

Livres de chevet

" Je n'ai pas de livres de chevet : je ne m'endormirais jamais. " (I have no bedside reading : I would never get to sleep.) — Charles Dantzig, Dictionnaire égoïste de la littérature française .


14-15 March 07

Small Beer Press bookshelf disaster. Photo by Gavin Grant
Photo courtesy of Gavin Grant, Small Beer Press

7 March 07

Modular Semi-Transparent Plastic Bookshelf

Modular Semi-Transparent Plastic Bookshelf

The Swallows & Amazons books by Arthur Ransome (and one other).


13 February 07

The Library under the Stairs :

The Library under the Stairs


11 February 07

The Bookshelves on the Stairs
The Bookshelves on the Stairs


5 February 2007

The Summer Reading Room (also known as the attic)
With the afternoon sun coming through the north window ; the ambient temperature today, approx. 0 degrees C. / 32 degrees F. — this tends to make research during winter very efficient.

Summer Reading Room


30 January 2007

A picture of one of the shelves in the office of Temporary Culture and the Endless Bookshelf  :

A Shelf


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