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April 2007
Buchnarr, 1494. Ware! Ware! Ware the Book-Fool!

21 April 07

The last few days have been spent on preparations for the New York Antiquarian Book Fair, where much of the secret library has been sold, and a few interesting items bought and sold during the fair. I have updated the reading log of the Public Transport Reading Project, and added a new section, a picture archive of the bookshelves featured here. All the books in the new bindery project have been sewn, time to make and assemble the covers now. I will post again later today.


Overheard on the subway, 12 April 07 
Downtown N train : four young teenage girls in blue soccer (?) uniforms, conversing across the aisle as though the subway car was their own living room. The first said, I was reading my geology textbook and this guy sat next to me, after a while he said, you have to know the names of all these rocks ? I just looked at him.
Another said, whenever I read my Hebrew homework on the train, all the Jews of Manhattan gather around me . . .


19 April 07
Computer woes.
A brief post to report an end to the computer problems that prevented me from updating the Endless Bookshelf. I'll post again later and will also update the reading log with new data & findings.


7 April 07

The Secret Reference Library
In a small house, all spaces have multiple functions (use the mouse to see).

Secret Reference Library

Detail :

Proteus Gowanus
The folks at Proteus Gowanus in Brooklyn are putting on some interesting interdisciplinary exhibits and events on the subject of Libraries. My friends Wendy Walker and Tom La Farge, the gallery's Library Correspondents, spoke there in December on Libraries and Danger, "a talking tour and slide show of bombed, burned, chained, rejected, and rotting libraries around the world" (DVD in the works from Proteotypes).


5 April 2007

The Anonymous Other has suggested that the entries in the log of the Public Transport Reading Project be separated from the main entries in the Endless Bookshelf. As of today's entry, I have done so. The Anonymous Other (hereafter [AO] ) has also questioned the methodology of the log of the Public transport reading project —  I invite further correspondence to broaden the sample.

Pictures in the next post.


4 April 2007


Shelf of Science Fiction Paperbacks

Shelf of Paperbacks

Courtesy of Austin science fiction writer Chris Nakashima-Brown.


Public Transport Reading Project 07

4 April 07 : Hoboken PATH train, two men : Patrick O'Brian paperback; and one hardcover (titles unknown) ; two women : Elizabeth George, In Pursuit of a Proper Sinner , paperback ; Chocolat , paperback.
Uptown F train, five women : one hardcover, cream boards, purple cloth spine ; three other hardcovers (one Russian), one paperback ; four men, all paperbacks, one tech manual, one yellow, one black.
NJ Transit : two men, Lenin's Tomb  by David Remnick, library hardcover ; Vagabond  by Bernard Cornwell, paperback.

2 April 07 : Hoboken PATH train, one man, one woman, both paperbacks.
Uptown F platform, Herald Square : silver-haired woman, Wrong Place, Wrong Time by Andrea Kane, paperback ; shaven-headed man in suit, The Green Trap by Ben Bova, library hardcover.
Uptown F train : Jack Higgins, Polish translation, paperback.


1 April 2007

New Bindery Project, April 2007

Bindery Project April 2007

This creaking and constantly evolving blog of the endless bookshelf : I expect that some entries will be brief, others will take the form of more elaborate essays and eventually I will become adept at incorporating photos or comments and interactivity. Right now you’ll have to send links to me, dear readers. [HW]


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